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English Mime ©, is an experimental project to help teachers worldwide with their online lessons, and is completely free.

We’ll send you a didactic unit every two weeks. At the moment we’re working at our first book BIRTH OF THE MIME aimed at reinforcing vocabulary in accordance with the Cambridge A2 Key guidelines. The didactic units will therefore be at that level. As we build up the site and publish new work we will then increase the level accordingly.  

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 Our first digital and paperback book part of the EM collection.

Birth of the Mime is a book for students and teachers structured around the educational comedy series English Mime rich in engaging videos, animations and vocabulary with reading exercises and quizzes.

The book is mainly aimed at reinforcing vocabulary following the guidelines of the Cambridge A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools 

Cambridge A2 Key and A2 Key for Schools Available worldwide in all Amazon stores in Kindle and paperback format in the fall of 2020.

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