About English Mime

English Mime is an experimental educational format created by Tom Corradini. Its aim is to teach English through fun and physical comedy, without the need of using a vehicular language. It is directed to teachers and students worldwide.

The fact that the format does not use a vehicular language makes it directed to a global audience and is, furthermore, in line with the so-called “direct teaching method.”

In the original format, the protagonists of the series are a series of mime artists who recreate daily life situations within a studio setting. The audience follow the story and the relationship of the mimes as they create, through gestures and mime, the ambience and the situations of a specific vocabulary or grammar topic in each clip.

In addition, a set of material and teaching resources (in the form of quizzes, games, etc.) is built around each video clip in order to build ready-to-use didactic units.

These units are specifically designed for online lessons in order to help teachers deal with the extraordinary challenges deriving from the current Covid-19 emergency.

About the author

Tom Corradini is an English-Italian bilingual actor, writer, musician, and clown. He has an extensive experience as a playwright, director and comedian. He graduated at the Atelier Teatro Fisico of Philip Radice (Lecoq method) and continued to explore the techniques of physical comedy and clowning in his plays, performed all over Europe for adults and teenagers. Before becoming a full time actor and producer he worked for over 13 years as an English-conversation teacher in high schools and holds a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate awarded by Trinity College London. In addition, he also has long experience as a professional translator and interpreter. You can see his work by visiting his theatre company’s site www.tomcorradini.it.